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The School of Meditation

The School of Meditation supports the World Community's mission:

     To communicate and nurture meditation as passed on through the teaching of John Main in the Christian tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all.


The School oversees all the stages of the journey of meditation from the first steps to the point where we begin to share it with others. And it balances the need to keep the essential teaching simple with the expansion of the ways and places in which it is shared.


The various stages of the School of Meditation support and nurture meditators in order to strengthen and deepen their daily practice, expand their spiritual friendships within the wider community and lead to greater knowledge of the rich Christian contemplative tradition in which meditation is grounded.


There are six stages in the School of Meditation:


Stage One –    Learning to Meditate in a Group

Stage Two –    Supporting the Daily Practice

Stage Three – Personal Experience and the Tradition (The Essential Teaching Weekend)

Stage Four -   Seminars, Retreats, Workshops

Stage Five –   The School Retreat

Stage Six –    Sharing the Gift


The WCCM School of Meditation has a dedicated website with valuable resources for learning more about the tradition and for passing it on.

There are sections on:

  • the six week Introductory Course,
  • ideas for sustaining the practice,
  • the Essential Teaching Weekend,
  • a variety of workshops and courses like the Roots of Christian Mysticism,
  • the intensive 7-day School Retreat

as well as recommended reading, teaching powerpoints, downloadable texts, audio files and videos and an international calendar of School events to support and deepen your journey of meditation.


Visit the School website to know more and have access to all resources you need to start a group and pass on the gift:

Gå til Scool of Meditation